A discussion of the vitality of rap music in todays society

This should be fairly obvious — if one thinks. Group Discussion Considering the individuals in your group, ask any of the following questions: There is no shortage of examples insofar as this goes, either, so pick your poison.

What our parents used to dig, kids of today would deem as lame. When looking on the internet for polls and surveys for how much time Americans spend per day listening to music most of them tended to vary around two to four hours per day.

Cultural impact The popular music of our day reflects the culture of our day. Saying that nothing is above our emotions implies that there is no Truth no moral absoluteswhich certainly would be above them, and this is the precise message of moral relativism, the philosophical disease sweeping the West.

In contrast, consider that in many churches the choir would traditionally be situated in a loft well above and behind the congregation not always the case today, unfortunately.

Greg Tate Hip-hop in the 21st century As the century turned, the music industry entered into a crisis, brought on by the advent of digital downloading. On the bad side, I acknowledge that most of mainstream rap tends to promote counter-productive things to our society that may dampen our growth e.

When being harassed and threatened by other kids in a gang, listening to hard-core or gangsta rap is a means by which to vent anger, isolation, and frustration without actually hurting anyone. But what is the precise effect of such material? As professors Donald F.

Note, too, that this aggression is also directed at the self. The sound and messages we release through our art form directly impact our listeners in powerful ways. If rappers and hip hop music can influence popular culture, than we, too, as youth workers, influence music and popular culture.

Do you seek to be light or do you lash out? And it is no coincidence that in medieval times something else also remained quite constant: In a sense, it is the culmination of the Romantic shift of emphasis from the work of art to the artist himself.

This means they can never be that bulwark against tyranny: That ranges from fourteen to twenty eight hours per week.The Influence of Rap Music Rap music has many negative influences in our culture and society today.

Over time rap music has developed a lot of controversy in many ways, especially amongst parental units and their teenagers. One controversy is woman and how they are degraded in the lyrics. To use rap music as a means for sparking conversations on contemporary issues such as violence, drug use and abuse, sex, and education.

Summary For many kids who are disillusioned in a strange world with great freedom, rap music has a rage and fury with which they can relate. Hip-hop: Hip-hop, cultural movement that attained popularity in the s and ’90s and the backing music for rap, the musical style incorporating rhythmic and/or rhyming speech that became the movement’s most lasting and influential art form.

Learn more about hip-hop’s history and culture in this article. The discussion of rap music at a higher cultural level also puts into perspective how the music reaches out and influences different races, ethnicities, ages and even social statuses. The first and most important, is the capitalistic society we live today.

/5(8). Rap music is very much needed in our society. Yes, rap music does contain malicious content such as drugs, sex, and violence. But you guys can't forget about 2pac.

He wrote songs about poverty, war, racism, teen pregnancy, discrimination of women, starvation, and more. He tells us about the real world. Perspectives RAP MUSIC AND RAP AUDIENCES: CONTROVERSIAL THEMES, PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS AND POLITICAL RESISTANCE Travis L.

Dixon, Communication Studies, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan TaKeshia Brooks, Communication Studies, University of Michigan.

A discussion of the vitality of rap music in todays society
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