Analysis of night mother

Jessie only consumes a single taste of hot chocolate over the course of the entire play. Lusty and her food philosophies in Reel Meals, Set Meals She cannot even rely on the memory of love to sustain her, so she must consume even more food to fill that void.

For example, one of the main reasons why Jessie decides to end her life is the deep sense of loneliness and helplessness she experiences frequently. The Christian Science Monitor,p.

'night, Mother Analysis

She latches on to the idea suggested by Jessie that she make hot chocolate and caramel apples. The entire section is words. These in turn have created numerous frustrations for her, which have led to frequent bouts of depression and suicidal ideation.

Jessie plans the whole evening and makes a list of things she wants to do. The plays encourage the possibility of religious faith, but with choice as an essential ingredient: Even Jessie, the girl with zero appetite, tries her best to create and display love with food.

Mama grasps for reasons for Jessie to continue living. She finds so much comfort in sweets that she puts them above people. She always orders the groceries, stocks the cabinets, and cleans the kitchen. Not only does she use it to exert control, Jessie also uses the preparation and procurement of food to fill a void left by lack of love.

Jessie, however, insists that she wants the night alone with Mama. People go through a high degree of stress in their workplaces. Instead of eating being a way of feeling love within oneself, shopping for and preparing food is a way to show others that they are loved, and hopefully receive love from them in return.

For Thelma, the consumption of food is not about sustaining herself for a longer life. The gun also serves as an symbol of food replacement. This is a reflection of how things outside her circle of influence have straddled on her will, autonomy and dignity.

Thelma seems to buy into this concept, turning to sweets for love and companionship.

Mother Night

Desperate, Mama threatens to call Dawson, but Jessie still would shoot herself before he arrived. Then Mama says that the gun is broken, but Jessie proves that it is in good condition. Mama, convinced that there are no criminals near the out-of-the-way country house where they live, thinks Jessie is foolish.

She suggests getting a dog, planting a garden, shopping The presents turn out to be predictable and not what Jessie wants. Parkinthe concept that eating and preparing food could create love is attributed to savvy advertising companies. The institutions of family and marriage are falling apart gradually.

Mama thinks that Jessie might be trying to escape her family, but Jessie is not committing suicide simply to get away from Dawson, her meddlesome brother, or Ricky, her delinquent son with whom she is unable to communicate. Trying another tactic, Mama asks Jessie if she wants to stay around to see what she would get for her birthday.

The only thing Jessie does show some liking for is smoking. Lusty, a table may just be a table and no more, food is more than mere food.

This is a very purposeful choice made by Norman, because smoking is highly destructive, yet it is this what Jessie finds solace in. She had gotten bullets by tricking her brother Dawson into believing that she was watching out for prowlers.

Introduction & Overview of 'Night, Mother

This is the idea behind leaving him her watch.’night, Mother” is a play about a seemingly futile life a life fraught with turmoil, tragedy and a failed existence. In this sense, death breaths life because it symbolizes the freeing of oneself from the bonds of this miserable and almost pointless subsistence.

All the action of Marsha Norman’s ’night, Mother takes place in a house which belongs to Thelma Cates, called “Mama” throughout the play by her daughter, Jessie Cates. Examples of Mama’s. Marsha Norman’s play‘night Mother is full of food imagery and references. From the opening stage directions to Jessie’s constant kitchen chores, food is intertwined in every moment of the play.

‘night, Mother by Marsha Norman: A Critical Analysis

Norman’s food references serve to show what is missing in the lives of Jessie and her mother. Complete summary of Marsha Norman, Marsha Williams' 'night, Mother. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of 'night, Mother.

'night, Mother Summary

'Night, Mother Summary & Study Guide Description 'Night, Mother Summary & Study Guide includes comprehensive information and analysis to help you understand the book.

This study guide contains the following sections. 'night Mother by Marsha Norman is a thought provoking play.

The entire drama is contained in the single act of the mother (Mama) and daughter (Jessie) talking.

Analysis of night mother
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