April writing activities for kindergarten

Kindergarten Writing Activities

Some of the dates include two different writing prompts to choose from. You have been selected as the pilot for the next NASA space flight and you get to choose your destination.

If you do not have this time set aside at your school, consider having it with your own students. If you were asked to create a new flag for the United States, what would your flag look like? You are allowed to bring 2 personal items with you.

These suggestions are made based on the content of the prompt, the interest level of the topic, or the level of background knowledge needed to have the most success possible with the prompt. Which two items would you choose and why? Using resources in the classroom, learn five 5 facts about the Civil War and summarize them in your own words.

Looking at the photo above, what do you think this soldier may have been doing?

One of my favorite ways to incorporate writing into my lessons is to make class books. However, you could always have your students dictate their sentence to you and just have them draw their picture. Willing to risk death daily. The kids and the parents love to see their growth through the year!

Then we put the class books into our classroom library and they are hands down always the favorite to read! Click on the link below to read more information about these First Place Trophy book report projects: Even though your students may not be in class all the days of April, use the prompts from those days as additional writing practice.

Is traveling into space something that interests you? My students write in their journals every day. On the first Arbor Day, April 10,an estimated one million trees were planted. Design a venn diagram that compares the grade that you are currently in with kindergarten.

If you could sail around the world, what would be some of the places you would want to visit? The youngest Pony Express rider was 11 years old. Washington was born into slavery. It now is one of my favorite subjects to teach! You have just won the National Science Fair competition and the prize is to join the next group of astronauts on their space mission.

You can download a PDF worksheet of the writing prompt.Writing in Kindergarten Wednesday, August 14, I am thrilled to find that so many kindergarten teachers use a daily writing journal.

Something I am adding in this year. April and I were super excited when Jo-A Sight Word Chant. One of my most favorite things to teach in Kindergarten is sight words! We practice them forward and.

Daily Writing Prompts - April

Bird Theme Preschool Age Early Learning Kids Learning Learning Resources Writing Activities Teaching Tools Free Printables Montessori Science. Find this Pin and more on April/Kindergarten by Pat Griffin.

April Fun Packet Activities ~. April Kindergarten Activities and lesson plans. This blog post is filled with Spring classroom ideas for read aloud, spring literacy centers, spring math centers, and more! Plus a free lesson planning guide for you!

Spring and April Writing Prompts

April Seasonal Arts and Crafts Activities, Lessons, Coloring Pages, Ideas, Recipes, Treats, Special Days and so Much More APRIL Kindergarten Day. Astronomy Day.

Try this: Paper Mache Planets. Try this: Cosmic Mobiles. I have created this list of Spring and April writing prompts and ideas for elementary school teachers and students, You can find detailed poetry lesson plan activities and unique poem templates on this page of my website: Poetry Lesson Plans April 21 - Kindergarten Day.

Nov 25,  · Journal Topics in Preschool & Kindergarten. by Anna G April 30, 17 Comments. Pin 3K. Share Tweet. What is journal writing in preschool and kindergarten?

24 Common Core Activities for Kindergarten Success .

April writing activities for kindergarten
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