Are there any relationships of a strategic nature between businesses within the virgin portfolio

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Irrespective of the fact that there is no overall single parent company for the entire group, there exist some companies within Virgin whose functions are basically to own and manage other operating firms within the group; which indeed creates the desired synergies of working and helping one another.

They would aim to provide better quality products than any competitor in a complacent market. Viewing this strictly from a business perspective, I would recommend Virgin to divest fairly quickly from this industry to avoid total crumble.

Irrespective of the fact that Virgin Mobile did not actually operate it own network it had won the best wireless in the UK.

No consolidated accounts exist for the group, not even for some holding companies and their subsidiaries. Thence, the opportunity of good quality, brilliant customer service and value for money might be lost.

It is indeed my opinion that Branson divests from transport business both Air and Rail travels. The Virgin has group diversified into businesses. These collective innovative thoughts and ideas are applied directly into business; which most often bare fruit.

These themes, as possible proof to existence of synergies between the separate Virgin companies appears to be firmly connected to the following sources and links, from which they drive their synergies: Limiting Risk in joint Ventures Any company, corporation or organisation in a joint venture with the Virgin Group has the benefit of limiting its risk in the market place.

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To me, this kind of financial system is rather ridiculous. From business point of view, such acquisitions are reckless investments that would only bring down the public appeal of the brand. In my view, Branson should divest from such businesses and invest the money and the brand name to booming businesses such as telecom.

Similarly, the Virgin Megastores provided another opportunity for expansion, with new such stores opened in other locations such as Japan, United States, Australia, Spain and the Netherlands. I also believe that for Branson to grow this business empire profitably and see it survive him, his should have a rethink and refocus the business along the following lines: This is evident by the fact that there are interactions, cooperation, combined effect, collaborations, concerted effort as well as strong sense of obligation among these companies.

Lessons for the analysis of the environment must be learned. The idea is to nurture the companies to stand on their two feet and compete favorably among themselves and others in their lines of business. It is achieved by the following points: As for corporate bureaucracy its significance in the Virgin Group, was reduced profoundly.

Its not surprising then, that management recruited carefully selected individuals to be innovative people, pioneers in their field, and to have the competitive streak in their personalities.

It was also of importance for candidates to be able to share values and to work effectively as team players.The Relationships of a Strategic Nature Between Businesses Within the Virgin Portfolio There aren‟t any relationships of a strategic nature between businesses within the Virgin portfolio.

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a. the fewer the linkages between the businesses within the portfolio owned by the firm. b. the wider the variation in the portfolio of businesses owned by the firm. c. the more links there are among the businesses owned by an organization.

Basically, there are 56 strategic business units in the Virgin Group.

Virgin corporate strategy, Case Study

For example, there are Virgin Travel and Virgin Trading in the Virgin Group. The Virgin Travel consists of Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Holidays, Virgin Aviation and Virgin Balloon. Search form. Search. Go. There are certain strategic relationships between businesses within the Virgin group.

This term refers to the notion that the Virgin groups have synergy amongst its SBU’s, therefore utilizing as much as resources in order to fully comprehend and fulfill a particular new environment or market.

Are there any relationships of a strategic nature between businesses within the virgin portfolio
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