Articles to write about for school newspaper positions

Keep the article short and to the point. In writing about local news, make sure it relates to the students in your school in some way.

Writing a Newspaper Article

Many high schools have a school paper to give students an opportunity to hone their writing skills and keep students, staff, and teachers updated on school and community news.

This person is the point person for all news at the school, making assignments for coverage and then giving a first read to all copy.

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Learn More About Journalism Journalism involves a lot more than just writing; you also need to know how to conduct research, interview people, and find new stories to write about. The Basic Story Outline The best way to structure a newspaper article is to first write an outline.

Depending upon the size of the staff, this person may be able to assign people to shoot photos or design graphics, or he or she may have to do it by himself or herself.

Review your research and notes. If it is articles to write about for school newspaper positions the school newspaper, the topic will be most probably an event, or the opinion of the writer on an event. People need to read your article and become engaged with it, even if they completely disagree with you.

An upcoming school activity might also be written about to encourage students to participate. If you are quoting more than one person with different points of view in your story, you cannot end with a quote from just one of them. This person reads all stories, helps write headlines, cutlines and proofs all pages before they are printed.

For the School Newspaper These editorial topics are meant to provide inspiration to you so that you come up with some topics of your own, which are relevant to where your school is. Reporters research and write the articles. This person is also responsible for setting the agendas at editorial board meetings and leading the discussions to help the staff come to an agreement about what position it will take on key issues.

Structure of a Newspaper Article Each newspaper article has a title called the headline that is set in large type. It will reflect the personal opinion of a single individual and can follow a similar theme through each issue.

Comics particularly student drawn ones Guest articles from staff and faculty Polls. The photo editor is in charge of all graphics and photographs for the newspaper.

Reporters — The lifeblood of any newspaper is the people who go out, gather the news and come back and write it. If you are just starting on the paper, you may be assigned articles to write about, but eventually, most writers are able to focus on topics they care about and find interesting.

Man bites dog and not passive verbs for example: Recruit members and assign roles. Some great topics to write on are: These people are responsible for the images included in the school paper and how the final product looks. Other Ideas These ideas should get you going in the right direction.

Before you begin, read and analyze some newpaper articles to see how professional reporters write. You will likely get to know many new people in your school and community if you stick with your paper for a while. The remainder of the article contains supporting paragraphs that go into more detail about the topic, often including quotes and interesting facts.

News Articles These articles are all about the news.


For tips on writing a promotional article, click here. All of these ideas, and many more, might be of interest to the student body and are potential articles for your newspaper.

You have to tell your readers where and when this story is happening. Students can be reporters, researching and writing newspaper articles. The most important news articles are on the first page; the top half of the first page is referred to as "above the fold. Finally, people in charge of the layout who may also be editors decide how the articles will be arranged, where images will be inserted, and smaller details such as margin and font size.

Newspaper article writing jobs

Picture Dictionary You can create your own newspaper. Newspapers are printed on large sheets of inexpensive paper that are folded. The opinion or editorial page editor can also be responsible for designing and building the editorial page or pages of the newspaper.

Creative Graduation Gifts Types of Articles for School Newspapers This article details the various types of school newspaper articles you can write. Many places produce local papers or community newsletters, and it may be possible for you to contribute articles or do an internship at one of them to learn more about journalism.

They research and pitch story ideas, interview sources, and write articles that are then included in the school paper. News Editor — Depending upon the size of a staff, some newspapers designate a person to be the news editor.Informational Articles.

The ideal HS newspaper staff. The editorial page is your paper's conscience Student newspapers have legal rights. The Ideal High School Newspaper Staff Some positions are obvious. Every high school newspaper needs gather the news and come back and write it. School newspapers should have as many reporters as.

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Topics to Write About for School

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There are over Newspaper Article Writing careers waiting for you to apply! Topics to Write About for School. If it is for the school newspaper, the topic will be most probably an event, or the opinion of the writer on an event. On the other hand, the choice of topics for an essay is the easiest as there are no limits to what an essay topic should be.

Topics to Write About for Kids. Article Writing Format. Joining your high school newspaper is a great way to learn about journalism and improve your writing skills.

Members of the school paper have a lot of different jobs including researching new topics, conducting interviews, writing and editing stories, and taking photographs to accompany articles. For instance, the Newspaper Club can write an article about why joining them would provide members with an expanded resume that could help them land a job someday.

An upcoming school activity might also be written about to encourage students to participate. For the articles the students wrote about, I had them brainstorm every month what types of articles to write about (i.e., school events, student interests, issues, etc.).

Once we established a list, I had the students vote on the top 6 stories they wanted to have featured in the newsletter.

Articles to write about for school newspaper positions
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