Being grounded to being in jail compare and contrast essay

For example, if the TV has been taken away, animate to reading a loudness or two. Some would say being grounded is The end of the world, but in reality it is way break-dance than what it is made out to b e.

When you go to jail your all alone in an unfamiliar place and being grounded you stay at home. The worst similarity is that both of these punishments take away from your every day activities and strip you from your freedom. You can address each item in a short paragraph, comparing and contrasting the two things within that paragraph You can use lengthier paragraphs that cover, for example, all of the similarities between two things.

The Compare/Contrast Essay Prompts

However, being grounded and being in jail are complete opposites too. As well as these, the situation in which you are confined is different. I also learned that compare and contrast essays are a lot more difficult to write than what I thought.

The near morning, you see a no prenominal on your door saying, Youve been caught and youre grounded, Love Mom and you as well as notice that the TV, computer, and your stall band are missing.

If you were to compare the two, you would find that there are both a lot of similarities and differences. Whatever it may be that is confiscated or is off limits by the parental units, everyone tends to find a substitute to replace the vacuous of not having anything to do to diminish the blow.

I learned how to change my sentances around so they agree with each other and how to do the proper format for my essay. This is common when such essays are in courses other than English comp. Even if they are similar, going to jail is much worse than being grounded.

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Here are some compare and contrast essay prompts that you might think about. Being grounded, the living situation changes in terms of entertainment, but the surround in the home as a whole doesnt.

These were a few of the topics we were given for a compare and contrast essay as kids in primary school. Even if they seem like opposite ends of the spectrum, jail and being grounded have a lot in common too. Also I had to change some of my transitional words and switch in some synonyms for jail, because I used it a lot in my essay.

In addition to that, an obvious resemblance is in both jail and being grounded you technically are not allowed to leave. The features of a compare-and-contrast essayhowever, may vary. If you are ever given the choice of being grounded or going to jail, pick the first one. Either way you look at it, being in jail or being grounded is not a good time.

Being grounded can suck.As from firsthand experience in both of being grounded and also going to jail neither is good to Words: — Pages: 5 Compare And Contrast what u. Compare and Contrast Essay Topics. Choosing a compare and contrast essay topic (also known as comparison and contrast essay) is quite simple.

Check our list of the most compelling compare and contrast essay topics to find something suitable for you. Being afraid to being bored; Being grounded to being in jail; Being rich to being. Brian Manere period 6 march 3, 20's and 30's essay Compare and Contrast the 20's and 30's The 20's; a time of economic prosperity, changing music, and Words; 4 Pages; Compare And Contrast Both City Nam.

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There are many similarities and differences between being in jail and being grounded. One similarity between being in jail and being grounded is you spend a large amount of time stuck in a room. While you are grounded, it. Free Essays on Being Grounded And Being In Jail.

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Being grounded to being in jail compare and contrast essay
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