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Burgess invented it from Russian with a bit of Cockney rhyming slang and Malay, because real teen slang is so ephemeral, the book would quickly seem dated otherwise.

A Clockwork Orange

But rather than reflecting on the redemptive power of the Lord, Alex visualizes himself torturing Jesus at the crucifixion, killing people in battle, and laying about with concubines in an Old Testament setting. His head is strapped to the back of a restraining chair so that he can neither turn his head nor look away.

A Future Nightmare A dystopia is a utopia turned on its head, a nightmarish society wracked by violent crime, disease, or controlled by a totalitarian government. Copyright Super Summary. When he has recovered, Alex storms out.

He also explained the title in response to a question from William Everson on the television programme Camera Three in"Well, the title has a very different meaning but only to a particular generation of London Cockneys.

The film adaptation, directed by Stanley Kubrickis based on the American edition of the book which Burgess considered to be "badly flawed". They hit and kick Alex as he cowers on the ground, disabled by his conditioning. But Alex, eager to finagle a short-cut to freedom, vies to be selected for the experiment.

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The treatment, pioneered by B. Alexander, is a political dissident. He is left deeply scarred by these events and when he encounters Alex two years later, he uses him as a guinea pig in a sadistic experiment intended to prove the Ludovico technique unsound.

Alexander, a victim of the modern age, just as Alex is a victim of the modern age. Alexander and the burly Julian, Alex eats a plate of spaghetti while Mr.

The man who decides to let Alex "choose" to be the first reformed by the Ludovico technique. Alex collapses in a fit of nausea when he tries to touch her breasts. Characterised as a sociopath and hardened juvenile delinquent, Alex also displays intelligence, quick wit, and a predilection for classical music ; he is particularly fond of Beethovenreferred to as "Lovely Ludwig Van".

Alex and his friends spend the rest of their time at the Korova Milkbar, an establishment that serves milk laced with drugs, and a bar called the Duke of New York.

As the three droogs walk along a river bank outside the apartment block, Alex attacks. He believes that, though she officially died of pneumonia, it was her broken spirit that killed her.

They all retire to the Duke of York, a restaurant. In this society, ordinary citizens have fallen into a passive stupor of complacency, blind to the insidious growth of a rampant, violent youth culture. Deltoid tells Alex that unfortunately for him, the proprietress of the health farm has died, making Alex a murderer.

One of the items they find in the house is an unfinished novel by the man, whose name is F. He seemingly has no clue about dealing with young people, and is devoid of empathy or understanding for his troublesome charge. As an unintended consequence of the treatment, Alex can no longer enjoy classical music, which he has always associated with violence.

Cured Some time later, Alex wakes up in a hospital in a full-body cast. To him, violence is as gorgeous as a symphony.

Irvine Welsh: why Anthony Burgess's savagely brilliant A Clockwork Orange is a modern masterpiece

He believes that the government has a totalitarian agenda, as exemplified by its willingness to rob its citizens of their free will. Yes, there are horrors in this book, but there is beauty too, and so much to think about.

Halfway through the first film Alex begins to feel sick. Later, after Alex is released from prison, Billyboy along with Dim, who like Billyboy has become a police officer rescues Alex from a mob, then subsequently beats him in a location out of town.

And if so, is that acceptable to society? He is like a robot or wind-up toy who functions as the State desires. In the novel,set sometime in the future, people live in constant fear of violent crime, locked into their homes watching the blue screen of the government-approved worldcast.

As the aristocratic Minister spoon-feeds dinner to the juvenile thug, he assures Alex that he wants to be his friend. Also, in a bookseller was arrested for selling the novel.A Clockwork Orange is a dystopian satirical black comedy novel by English writer Anthony Burgess, published in It is set in a near future English society featuring a subculture of extreme youth violence.

The teenage protagonist, Alex, narrates his violent exploits and his experiences with state authorities intent on reforming him. The book is. From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes, the SparkNotes A Clockwork Orange Study Guide has everything you need to ace quizzes, tests, and essays.

Sep 02,  · The B novel, as a genre, is now utterly defunct; and “A Clockwork Orange” may be its only long-term survivor. It is a book that can still be read with steady pleasure, continuous amusement and. The book cover for The Folio Society's illustrated edition of A Clockwork Orange M uch of Burgess’s enmity towards his creation stems from the missing last chapter in the American editions.

Nov 04,  · A Clockwork Orange - Thug Notes Summary & Analysis Thug Notes’ A Clockwork Orange Summary & Analysis has you covered with themes, symbols, important quotes, and more.

A Clockwork Orange. A Clockwork ORange was the title of the book the old man was writing in his study before Alex and his droogs take over the house. Asked by gradesaver a #3 Answered by alkjngf a # on 11/2/ PM View All Answers.

Book analysis a clockwork orange
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