Compare and contrast russia and china

Do you think it is possible to compare two countries such as China and the US? First of all, despite the time gap between the revolutions, they both occured at the end of the two world wars.

There is no separation of powers. It was the Chinese nationalists who defeated the the emperor, although the state of the dynasty, by then, made it ripe for its disintegration.

Although the same philosophy guiding the Russian revolution guided China, differences of opinion existed from the beginning. While the rebellion against czarist rule was ruthlessly crushed, Deaths attributable to outdoor air pollution The contrasts between the revolutions that replaced the Romanov Dynasty in Russia with the Bolshevik movement and the revolution that brought to power in China the Communist Party led by Mao Tsetung and Zhao Enlai are far more important than the relatively minor comparisons that can be made.

In China, the peasants of the rural countryside took up most of the population. The Chinese Communist Party impressed the peasants with their military strategies, promised land reform, and empowerment of women.

Not surprisingly, the official, or registered, unemployment rate is widely believed to significantly understate the true unemployment rate. In the previous post, contributor J.

The American government is legitimate. We last did this in but were intrigued to see how it would look with updated data where possible and with the addition of some of your suggestions. Impoversished, exploited peasants and wealthy landlord classes had already suffered increased tension, and the wars just helped to spark these revolutions.

And there is a separation of legislative, judicial, and executive powers. The Russian and Chinese Revolutions also contrast in their military strategies they used to gain support.

China had endured many years of colonial rule at the hands of Europeans and Japanese. Both of these leaders spoke very convincingly, and had smart, persuasive tactics necessary in any leader. However, we have tried to include as many of the suggested indicators mentioned in the comments to broaden the range of measures.

The Bolsheviks knew that their targeted supporters would become unified in their effort to withdrawal from World War I, while the Chinese knew that their people would become unified by counter-attacking the Japanese in their invasion and overthrowing the current government the Guomindanggiving the large peasant population more power and decreasing the poverty.

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During the Great Leap Forward, which took place from tothe government took land from peasants, who were then organized into farming cooperatives, a policy that ultimately lead to famine.

In contrast, the Chinese revolution that brought to power its communist party occurred in a very different environment.The Russian and Chinese Revolutions also contrast in their military strategies they used to gain support.

The Differences in Communism in Russia & China

In Russia, the Bolsheviks gained support by urging Russian withdrawal from the first World War, which had caused so much damage an unrest from the people. China and Russia Comparison The People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation are both indisputably two of the most powerful nations on Earth.

For centuries, they have been leaders of their region; dominating in the political realm especially. Compare/ Contrast Mexican & Russian Revolutions Parallels may be drawn between the revolutionary movements in Mexico in and in Russia in In both Mexico and Russia, democratic rule was experimented with during the Mexico it resulted in a democratic government, but communism ultimately prevailed in Russia.

The Differences in Communism in Russia & China The birth of Communism in Russia began in under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin.

Three years later, a Soviet agent named Grigorii Voytinskii arrived in China and began to help build the Communist Party there. Another crucial difference is that, in contrast to Russia, China’s rulers derive legitimacy from their highly successful developmental efforts, which, if anything, have strengthened Party rule.

In Russia, large parts of the state bureaucracy and of business are oriented towards the extraction of resources rather than towards development.

China v the US: how the superpowers compare

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Compare and contrast russia and china
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