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Portugal possesses an absolute advantage in the production of cloth due to fewer labor hours, and England holds a comparative advantage due to the lower opportunity cost. Direction for Future Research From the study it also became apparent that there still lays immense scope to effectively gauge the challenge during the entire process of transition and integration of modern supply chain in a strategic manner.

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Requirement of specified competency in suppliers: There is free trade meaning that nothing restricts the movement of goods between countries. Positioning - low cost strategy Organizations position themselves differently in the market, we see some companies trying transform from lowest cost producer to lowest cost s supplier of products.

Thus both countries benefit from the use of trade.

Importance of Relationship Management in Managing the Supply Chain It is an established fact that in order to ensure success of a specific supply chain, the participants involved in the process are integrated in the most effective fashion.

The employee that they seek is one that will need less supervision and with an innovative mind and ability to work in teams. The essence of strategic supply chain lies in effective management of various participant of business process such that the focus of business is not just upon management of cost but also upon enhancing the economies of scale.

If on one hand it has opened the flood gates of opportunities on the other hand it has exerted additional pressure upon the business enterprises that they need to devise innovative means of combating challenge and sustaining business growth.

Essay UK - http: With increasing complexity of a business, it becomes difficult in determining the best mix of product, place, process as well as the mode of transport.

Considering the complex nature of supply chain and the role of various participants involved in the end-to-end process, it becomes very much difficult for the business manager in accurately determining the participants that can be instrumental in establishing an effective relationship based upon collaboration of traits and expertise.

Absolute advantage suggests that one is the best at something, while the comparative advantage relates more to the opportunity costs of the particular activity. It was with the growth of technology and impact of globalization that revolutionized not just the manner in which businesses were managed but also the dimension involved in supply chain.

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There are two countries and two commodities. Investment in career development is few and the focus in acquiring new skills is non existence. Different proportions of factors of production. It will describe low cost strategy and differentiation strategy and its impact in key HR function such as HR planning, recruitment and selection, orientation, training and development, career planning, performance management, compensation management, Health and safety and International Operations.

Appraisals are performed by the direct supervisor not utilizing the appraisal method the objective here is for promotion consideration.A sustained competitive advantage is simply a competitive advantage that lasts for a longer period of calendar time (Porter, ).

A competitive advantage is sustained only after the efforts to duplicate the advantages of the strategy have been ceased (Lippman and Rumelt,). Macroeconomics: Economics and Absolute Advantage Essay T Competitive Analysis and Business Cycles: BUS Introduction When a country has a comparative advantage over another, it means that even though the two countries are able to produce the same good or service, the one with the comparative advantage is able to produce it much better than the others.

Competitive Advantage of Nations by Michael Porter Essay - Does Porter’s ‘Diamond’ concept convincingly explain the achievements of major national business systems, or are their weaknesses, theoretically and empirically, in his arguments.

The importance of gaining a competitive advantage is extreme in the economy and it grows out from the value an organization is able to for their consumer that exceeds the firms cost of creating it. The five forces govern the profit structure of an industry by determining how the economic value it.

Limitations of Comparative Advantage The theory of comparative cost advantages formulated by David Ricardo was the most acceptable explanation of the International trade.

The most common argument for free trade, among mainstream economists, is comparative advantages. Porter's Diamond Of Competitive Advantage Essay - Introduction Since its publication inMichael Porter's book The Competitive Advantage of Nations has attracted much consideration.

The main analytical tool of the book is the diamond of competitive advantage (figure 1).

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Economics of competitive advantage essay
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