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If the target is specified in terms of a range, a decision must be taken about the width of the band.

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Dr E J van der Merwe, Advantages of inflation targeting Inflation targeting has numerous advantages as a strategy for monetary policy. Producers in turn may raise their selling prices to cover these increases, decrease production to educe their costs resulting in lay-offsor fail to invest in future production.

It further excludes prices over which policy has no control, but which could bring about misleading signals when these prices are affected by exogenous shocks. South Africa opted to target the CPIX in metropolitan and other urban areas because the public can more readily understand this index than the core index and it excludes any direct effects that changes in the repurchase rate could have on prices.

One more characteristic of the United Kingdom model that should be emphasized is the responsibility that goes along with the judgment to assign procedural accountability for economic strategy to the MPC.

Dr E J van der Merwe, Secondly, co-ordination between monetary policy and other economic policies improves with the implementation of the inflation targeting.

The above rule can be seen as a complement rather than a substitute for inflation targeting. This uncertainty led to all kinds of false expectations and discord by the public. And it becomes difficult for the public to easily determine whether the central bank is living up to its promises.

Moreover, section 37 of the Reserve Bank Act provides that if at any time the Minister of Finance is of the opinion that the Bank has failed to comply with any provision of the Act or a regulation thereunder, he may by notice in writing require the Board of the Bank to make good or remedy the fault within a specified time.

Firstly, the informal framework formerly adopted created uncertainty among the public as to the policies being implemented by the government.

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Most of the functions described in this section are the functions that one would expect the central bank to perform.

However, provisions are made for unscheduled meetings if the need should arise. However, the use of interest rate as a policy variable will make monetary policy more effective because it will be a complement to inflation target. The measurement of core inflation has the further disadvantage that it is difficult for the general public to understand and less credible than headline inflation.

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This ensures that the MPC takes the view of interested parties into account in the determination of monetary policy. Thus, rather than targeting an intermediate variable money growththe central bank targets one of its ultimate goals, the rate of inflation.

Every forecast is based on assumptions and the results of models can only be used as an aid in policy making. Countries which target the overall consumer price index generally allow for this adjustment in the calculation of their indices. First, it involves targeting Essays on inflation targeting goal variable inflation rather than an instrument of policy, such as an interest rate or a monetary aggregate.

Inflation targeting usually takes the form of spelling out the goals of monetary policy. There are two basic types of inflation, namely: A large number of indicators are monitored for this purpose, including the growth in money supply and bank credit extension, changes in nominal and real salaries and wages, labour productivity, nominal unit labour costs, the gap between potential and actual domestic output, developments in final demand, the balance of payments, exchange rate changes, short and long-term interest rates, the yield curve, government finances and producer and imported prices.

In section of the Constitution and section 3 of the Reserve Bank Act it is stated that the primary objective of the Bank is to protect the value of the currency of the Republic in the interest of balanced and sustainable economic growth.

In some others like Australia, Canada, Columbia and New Zealand the target is set jointly by government and the central bank. Second, when real economic activity slows—as reflected in real GDP or unemployment—the interest rate should fall.

The Governor of the south African Reserve Bank is required to submit annually a report on the implementation of monetary policy to the Minister of Finance.

During the s and s strategy creators frequently and unambiguously discarded the thought of a swapping; moreover, their doctrine proceedings were not dependable with a Phillips curvature viewpoint.

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Experience showed that this escape clause created problems in communicating monetary policy decisions. This debate remains unsettled, but an increasing number of countries have adopted inflation targeting as their monetary policy framework.Inflation Targeting This Research Paper Inflation Targeting and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • March 20, • Research Paper • 1, Words (8 Pages) • 1, Views4/4(1).

Inflation targeting is a monetary procedure in which the centralized depository approximates and makes open a probable, otherwise known as “target", inflation rate and then try to maneuver authentic inflation in the direction of the goal through the usage of interest rate alteration and further economic tools.

Inflation Targeting Guillermo Ortiz Martínez INTRODUCTION This paper discusses several issues regarding inflation targeting to illustrate how this well-known framework has influenced the implementation of monetary policy in several economies, particularly in emerging markets.

This book emerged as a result of my continuous research interest in the issues related to inflation targeting. In essence, the book represents a compilation of a couple of research papers devoted to different facets of inflation targeting, with particular focus to emerging market and developing economies.

Inflation targeting is a monetary policy mechanism in which decisions are directly based on the future expected inflation rate relative to the announced target.

After being disillusioned with monetary policy targets, inflation targets have been adopted in recent years by most countries whose main goal of monetary policy is price stability.

Unlike money growth targeting, the inflation targeting success is not based on the relation between inflation and money.

Indeed, a Central Bank can use other variables to.

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