Identifying structural configurations essay

However, the formalization leads to specialization and, pretty soon, functional units can have conflicting goals that can be inconsistent with overall corporate objectives.

Often each division is a strategic business unit SBU or a self-contained business with its own functional departments and accounting systems. MNC linkages with different companies, subsidiaries, suppliers, and individuals result in relational networks.

As the company progresses through various stages from domestic to transnational the organizational structure must be adapted to accommodate changes in relative focus on globalization versus localization, choosing a global product structure, a geographic area structure, or perhaps a matrix form.

Professional The professional organization type has a similar level of bureaucracy to the machine type. This is when they need to start sharing power and decision-making. Henry Mintzberg proposes five structural configurations that can be used within organizations.

Mintzberg's Five Types of Organizational Structure

Idelly a company tries to organize in a way that will allow it to carry out its strategic goals,the staffing is then done to mesh with those strategic goals and the way the organizational structure has been set up.

In this structure, a single product or product line has its own separate division, headed by its own general manager, and which is responsible for its own production and sales functions.

Centralized e-exchanges for logistics,supplies,and customers could be housed anywhere,suppliers manufacturers, and distributors may be in various countries, separately or together, wherever efficiencies of scale and cost may be realized.

Another risk associated with globalization is exposure to volatility from all corners of the globe. Your essay must include an introduction, body, and conclusion, and it must address all questions. To address the globalization-localization dilemma,firms that have evolved through the multinational form and the global company seek the advantages of horizontal organization in the pursuit of transnational capability-that is the ability to manage across national boundaries,retaining flexibility while achieving global integration.

It can be difficult to evaluate the performance of foreign affiliates because performance data is not necessarily comparable across countries. Decentralized decision making is a key trait as talent leaders are allowed to make judgments with efficiency in mind.

A summary of the structural configurations can be found in Table For companies with diversified product or service lines and that are aimed at dissimilar or dispersed markets, a global product divisional structure may be more strategically advantageous than a functional structure. Other direct mechanisms are visits by head-office personnel and regular meetings to allow employees around the world to consult and troubleshoot.

Gillette will move form business units based on geographic regions to GBUs based on product lines. The Entrepreneurial Organization This type of organization has a simple, flat structure. Browse hundreds of Operations Management tutors.

If you are employed, identify which structural configuration your workplace uses. This capability involves linking foreign operations to each other and to headquartes in a flexible way,thereby leveraging local and central capabilities.

Machine Mintzberg labeled a highly bureaucratic organization as being like a "machine.

Organization Structure and Control System

Signs of organizational inefficiency or any major organizational change usually indicate the organizational structure must change as well. Managers must receive accurate and timely information about sales, production, and financial results to be able to compare actual performance with goals and take corrective action when necessary.

He identified the various organizations as a result of their blend of strategy, environmental forces and the organizational structure. MDOs will develop market strategies to build business based on local knowledge. Reporting systems require sophisticated information systems to enable them to work properly.

To achieve rationalization, managers must choose the manufacturing location for each product based on where the best combination of cost, quality, and technology can be attained.Identify and describe each of the five structural configurations proposed by Henry Mintzberg. Also, identify an organization/company that uses each structural configuration.

This may take some research (you may. structural configurations. Thus, the purpose of present paper is to classify traditional and contemporary leadership according to their attributes and connotations in order to correlate leadership style to Mintzberg‟s seven organizations.

Collected AP Exam Essays for Chapters 7 - 10 Exam - #9 (a) Write the ground-state electron configuration for an arsenic atom, showing the number of electrons in each subshell. are created and the As has one non-bonding pair to make a pyramidal structure.

Structural configurations: Structural design starting from scratch does not happen most of the times.

Mintzberg's Organizational Configurations

Usually supervisors copy an existing structure from their experience or some existing popular theory. Feb 04,  · •Determine how this structure influences what occurs or occurred. Provide examples supported by the literature.

•Explain whether this structure enhances or limits organizational effectiveness. •If improvements are needed, recommend a solution to enhance your organization.

Support your paper with at least five scholarly resources. A divisional structure is most common in large corporations with multiple business units and product lines.

In some cases, companies divide their businesses and products into divisions to promote specific management of each division.

Identifying structural configurations essay
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