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The prize winning essays under this competition shall be the property of PCRA and PCRA is free to make use of these essays in public interest without paying Save petrol essay sort of compensation Then what you do is to take your foot off of the accelerator and to just coast and allow the weight of the vehicle and the friction of the tires on the road to slow Save petrol essay down.

Reimbursement for local travel by any mode will not Save petrol essay made. Essay on Save Fuel for Better Save petrol essay and Health Fuel is a natural resource that produces useful energy when it undergoes a chemical or nuclear reaction.

The following excerpt is a narrative essay from a story about narrative essay examples — yourdictionary its not really a fear of being in a high place as the. Most countries have to import fuel to meet their needs.

Today those are the fuels that run the world. At the same time though it is also bad for the environment and the more petrol we use the more emissions we create. While driving your vehicle slow down speed and stick to the speed limit as speed speeds up the consumption of fuel thereby reducing the fuel economy.

In spite of the development of non-conventional energy resources, the general populace is still apprehensive about their use along with natural oil Save petrol essay gas, chiefly because of their low energy value and inconvenience in using them.

Having things on your roof will also have another impact on your fuel efficiency though, that being that they will add additional weight to the car which will mean it requires more power and so more fuel to push the car forward.

First of all, many of the additional luxuries that cars come with can also drain your petrol. Another option is to use hybrid cars which run both on gas and electricity. Non- renewable energy- fuels that cannot be replenished after using.

Now how saving fuel can lead to a better environment and health well here is the answer. Completely electric cars on the other of course forego using any petrol at all and instead rely on being charged.

Students whose parents are working with PCRA are not eligible to participate. Do not leave any door or window open while ac is on. Long queues were seen outside petrol bunks and there were fewer vehicles on the roads because there was no fuel to tank up on. Different cars will do more miles to the gallon, and this is something you should bear in mind when you make a purchase.

The main reason for this is that it will cause your car to slow down slightly and offer more friction and resistance as the wind comes in through the window.

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Turn off the air conditioner when driving around the city. These sources are omnipresent. In short, the car windows being open will make the car less aerodynamic, and this in turn will make your car use up less fuel to drive the same distance at the same speed — almost as though you were driving through thick mud.

Reimbursement for stay for outstationed winners only. The best purchases though in terms of fuel efficiency however will obviously be hybrid engines and electric cars. Coal, wood, oil, petrol or gas provides energy when burned so we consider them fuel.

This is because it requires more petrol to speed up and to start the car than it does to maintain a steady speed which uses a lot of momentum. Of course the downsides are that not everyone will still be able to afford the initial expense, and that stations where you can recharge your car battery are few and far between.

It is high time that humanity was off of fossil fuels and use alternative sources of it. The burned fuels are released into the environment, this released smoke or burned fuels are depleting the Ozone layer of the earth.

If you are concerned for the environment specifically, then you should avoid driving cars with large engines as these create even more fuel emissions — so much so that car manufacturers in Europe that do not already are being forced to bring out smaller-engined alternatives to their larger sports cars.

They are by products of crude oil. Big gas-guzzling vehicles like Hummers and SUVs should be exchanged for smaller, fuel-efficient cars.

Saving fuel for the future is therefore an urgent necessity. Due to the depletion of Ozone layer, Greenhouse effect is taking place and the earth is getting heated up and burning from inside. Hence the reserves are depleting fast and a time may come when there will be nothing left for the future generations.

Hybrid cars are those that use a combination of both petrol and electricity to power their engines — often this works by the electric engine being the main engine, and the petrol serving to recharge battery or as backup for if you cannot change your engine.

This leads to global warming which is one of the biggest challenges the earth is facing. The rest of the time try to stay in the correct gear. But if we are motivated and really want to adjust our lifestyle in order to develop positive habits, and to do our part to change the negative trends against the environment and save Fuel deposit, this is a must.

They use a whole lot of oil and gas every day however we are so keenly bent on development that we have closed our eyes to the larger picture that development has no meaning without support from natural reserves and thus they have to undergo a sustainable development and not one at the cost of each other.

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As massive open online courses, or moocs, continue to generate technology and argue that students will never get a truly fair essay grade. As fuel is burned, emissions from the combustion are created.

Exactly what type of emissions and the amount, vary widely based on what type of fuel(s) were burned, how the fuel was burned, what type of aftertreatment system (filters) the exhaust passed through and a few other details/5(). This are the few simple ways by which one can save energy.

Every little effort from an individual level can add up to a great change. “drops of water can fill the ocean”. Hence, we should leave the conventional means of energy use and use the renewable resources to our advantage to meet our growing needs.

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need of conservation of petroleum products. Read about Essay on Save Fuel for Better Environment. Essay on Save Fuel for Better Environment and Health. Fuel is a natural resource that produces useful energy when it undergoes a chemical or nuclear reaction. Coal, wood, oil, petrol or gas provides energy when burned so we consider them fuel.

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