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One of our experts who work in the similar subject of your specialization will analyze the research results provided by you and write the complete research manuscript to comply with all specifications of word and reference limit, intended impact factor and the specified journal provided by you.

Images that are a mix of half-tone images and line art e. If none of the above options is possible then we also accept uncompressed TIFFs with a resolution of at least dpi at the size they are likely to be displayed at see above.

Project Administration Management and coordination responsibility for the research activity planning and execution. If you submit other forms of line art scipub editing services as flow charts, diagrams or text to be displayed as an image, please export the image as an EPS file e.

Welcome Dr. Darshana Narayanan to International Journal of Neuroscience Research

Some have suggested that the entire world of APIs will now be subject to a chilling effect. EPS or Adobe Illustrator files. Please also include citations to the supplementary files in the main body of the article.

We are confident that our editing will improve your written English and guarantee the language quality of our edited manuscripts will meet the target journals need. Data Curation Management activities to annotate produce metadatascrub data and maintain research data including software code, where it is necessary for interpreting the data itself for initial use and later reuse.

Any financial, personal, or professional competing interests for any of the authors that could be construed to unduly influence the content of the article must be disclosed and will be displayed alongside the article. Please make sure that text is at least 8pt, the lines are thick enough to be clearly seen at the size the image will likely be displayed between mm width, which converts to one or two columns width, respectivelyand that the font size and type is consistent between images.

Preprints can be cited and listed in the reference list. The ALLEA code of conduct is referencedbut this is a general set of principles rather than a process-oriented document.

EU Open Science platform tender specifications

Brightness, contrasts or color balance may be used to enhance electronic images, but such changes must be applied to the whole image; any non-linear adjustments must be made explicit in the figure legend.

Authors should obtain permission to include the name and affiliation, from all those mentioned in the Acknowledgments section. Brightness, contrasts or color balance may be used to enhance electronic images, but such changes must be applied to the whole image; any non-linear adjustments must be made explicit in the figure legend.

Some have even suggested that the federal circuit, created to be an exclusive appeals court for patent cases, is out of its depth in copyright. Datasets published or deposited elsewhere for example, in figshare, Dryad, etc.

Electronic manipulation of images: If you submit a graph, please export the graph as an EPS file using the program you used to create the graph e.

If reusing a figure or table from a previous publication, the authors are responsible for obtaining permission from the copyright holder and for the payment of any fees if applicable.

Files for figures are usually best uploaded as separate files through the submission system see below for information on formats. Each figure or table should have a concise title of no more than 15 words.

Our experts also will give you suggestions on how to modify your research findings by adding any accessory experiments or to go with a different approach of analysis of your research findings to add value to your manuscript.

References References can be listed in any standard referencing style as long as it is consistent between references within a given article. Please note that grant funding should not be listed here. The legend should be sufficiently detailed so that the figure or table can stand alone from the main text.

Ideas; formulation or evolution of overarching research goals and aims. Formal Analysis Application of statistical, mathematical, computational, or other formal techniques to analyze or synthesize study data.

Authors are responsible for getting permission to quote any personal communications from the cited individuals. There is a separate policy question as to whether the platform project is a sensible use of EU taxpayer funds.

Acknowledgments This section should acknowledge anyone who contributed to the research or the writing of the article but who does not qualify as an author ; please clearly state how they contributed. Methodology Development or design of methodology; creation of models.Company Overview SOURCE ELECTRICAL INC is a company incorporated in South Carolina and its Company Number is SOURCE ELECTRICAL INC was filed on 07/01/ Welcome Dr.

Darshana Narayanan to International Journal of Neuroscience Research.

Editorial Board of International Journal of Neuroscience Research Science Communication technical writing and editing, grant writing, public speaking Languages English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam Competence Training and Incentives Medical Services Support the.

All articles must be written in good English. Please note that the article will not undergo editing by FResearch before publication and a manuscript may be rejected during the initial checking process if it is deemed unintelligible and hence not suitable for peer review.

Scipub Editing - Editorial Services, Language Editing, Reference Formatting Emerald Editorial Services | Editing for Books, Articles, and Novels. For authors whose first language is not English, it may be beneficial to have the manuscript read by a native English speaker with scientific expertise.

There are many commercial editing services that can provide this service at a cost to the authors. Language editing, custom illustration production, and reference formatting services for biomedical researchers. We edit journal articles, book chapters, grants, dissertations, theses, letters.

Scipub editing services
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