The philippine mtual fund industry swot

The SWOT analysis lays out all of the factors that might influence the organization in a way that the investor can compare and contrast the various instruments and weigh the pros and cons of each. A few other investment companies followed suit, and the numbers have increased ever since.

Obviously this will affect the operation of the investment companies engaging in mutual funds because the promotional activities is very minimal and so it generate lower income thus affecting the return of the investor. Three of the four companies which were operating at that time eventually closed shop.

Strategic Issues and Recommendation Considering the fact that the mutual fund industry in the Philippines is small with only 15 companies and insignificant because people would prefer to invest in other financial instrument like The philippine mtual fund industry swot plan and common trust funds and time deposits on banks due to lack of familiarity and negative image it is very obvious that the Philippine mutual fund industry is undeveloped and growing very slowly.

Different financial metrics may be key depending on your investment style and the fund involved: The absence of other investment outlets limited the sense of diversification of funds then. Because of this, a mutual fund might lose out to bonds, Treasury bills and other guaranteed investment options due to the nature of the mutual fund.

This is an analysis which focuses on the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of a particular mutual fund. Aside from that SEC has a minimum eye on preneed plan compared to mutual fund. This death blow to the mutual fund industry led Trinity Shares, Malayan and Pacific Fund to stop operations.

Tightening laws and regulations can have a negative effect on a mutual fund by closing loopholes of which the funds may have previously taken advantage. Law but legislated as a reaction to the recent debacle, the ICA contained stringent measures which hampered the development of the industry in general.

As a response to the fiasco of the first mutual funds, the government enacted R. While such companies continued to thrive, the equity market remained thin. Pre-need plan is way better than mutual fund.

There were less than SEC-licensed mutual fund salesmen. It is the right time for the industry to take the risk of having strong relationship with banks and encourage the BSP to support them with its endeavour. Some capitalized on long-term investment programs which made their investors commit to a fixed payment scheme Php 50 per month for a period of 20 years.

Only the Filipinas Mutual Fund remained. Given the heavy dependence of industry to the latter, mutual funds, part or all equity, thrive or die with the stock market. Some types of funds do better in a recession while others track well in boom times -- those funds are particularly threatened by a sudden change in the unemployment rate that undermines consumer confidence or a stimulus plan that gets people spending again.

PERA accounts may be a great help for the industry to attract more customers. The birth of Philippine mutual funds was brought about by the growing popularity of off-shore funds worldwide. There may be a number of weaknesses the industry has but still many opportunities can be a tool to help revive the sector.

The distribution channels consist primarily of the offices of the funds themselves. In addition, if a fund is dependent on a superstar manager, make sure you have a plan in place if that manager suddenly decides to leave.

Another thing to consider was that the industry fell victim to a number of scams by some unscrupulous individuals. The resulting IRR was promulgated on October and took effect 90 days later. Consequently, this period puts all the players to test, and it is with utmost confidence that Philippine Mutual Funds will be here to stay.

By reviewing their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, an individual investor can be better informed on where to invest their money, and be positioned to shift gears along with the market. All of these provisions were intended to protect the interests of the investors and shareholders.

Mutual Fund SWOT Analysis

It may create a great venue for the both sectors to shape the Philippine financial system.This research analyzes the Philippines' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as a destination for global services delivery. SWOT Analysis: Philippines Has Longevity, but Requires Investment as a Global Services Destination.

Many major financial players use the SWOT analysis to highlight the strengths of their own mutual funds as opposed to others. The strengths of a mutual fund might include such aspects as its positioning within the industry, rates of growth, expense ratios, return on. However, the stability of the Philippine Mutual Fund Industry has a much better chance at this time.

The level of professionalism is much higher. The necessary controls and regulations exist.

SWOT Analysis Of Mutual Funds

Consequently, this period puts all the players to test, and it is with utmost confidence that Philippine Mutual Funds will be here to stay. Foster the growth of the Philippine Mutual Fund Industry through the institution of standards of excellence in the operations of Philippine investment companies.

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Mutual funds are among the financial products that benefit from conducting a SWOT analysis. By reviewing their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, an individual investor can be.

Oct 19,  · Essay on The Philippine Mtual Fund Industry Swot Analysis The Philippine Mutual Fund Industry Alcantara, Zara R. Aranez, Carissa G.

Claur, Dhessa A. Libang, Jam Hazel C. Orense, Allaine F4D Organizational Analysis The mutual funds Industry in the country is one of the leading investments that Philippine capital market could offer.

The philippine mtual fund industry swot
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