Thesis on online shopping system

The choice of a local name was made with the main intention of wooing customers to the multi-national chain store.

Mobile commerce is therefore viewed as a new giant wave of technology evolution. Several studies have therefore been advanced to help generate new or explore the already existing body of knowledge.

From the findings established, the researcher hypothesizes that developing an error-free online system will go a long way in assisting the small-scale multinational retailer in this case Newport to win on more customers as well as perform online sales transactions with distantly-located clients.

In addition, it is important to note that integration of mobile commerce with electronic commerce is likely to increase competitive advantage of any business including small entities like retail ventures. The researcher went on to on a mission collect data from consumers of Chinese food in the UK as well as Newport top management on their preferences and their experience with using online systems.

In some research works, information required might be readily available. However, electronic businesses on mobile forms have therefore come to be commonly referred to as mobile commerce.

Mobile commerce have therefore emerged as a new channel of electronic commerce and as such, it has received widespread attentions of both academia and business fraternity.

Analysis, Design and Development of an Online Shopping System for Newport Supermarket

In addition to using the following as his study population, the researcher will also consult an estimated 20 secondary sources appropriate to this project. These systems need to be robust so that they can withstand any security breaches that come with mobile commerce.

Since the collection of information from the parties highlighted above resembled survey studies, the researcher was motivated to adopt and implement the conclusive descriptive research approach.

The scales of online-shopping have continued to accelerate at doubling growth rates. Wireless technology have therefore boosted growth in technology where by people are now able to access services online even from the remote parts of the world.

This is so since mobile commerce provide instant response to customer queries. This means that a total of 50 respondents will make up the total sample. As the name suggests, this Chinese supermarket is going to establish its first retail store in Newport city, UK. However, at times, these information may not be available and therefore a need to have a proper way of collecting it.

In addition, the researcher being a mere student was not in a position to successfully source for enough funding for this project. It is therefore a common trend for business entities to go online with their businesses in order to have a bigger niche so as to broaden their operation landscape.

Increased interests in mobile commerce have been inspired by the growth in internet technology, electronic commerce and advance of wireless technology where people are able to access online services at any place, using any compatible technological device at any time.

Business ventures are therefore established to serve a given clientele in the market.In order to facilitate online purchase a shopping cart is provided to the user.

The system is implemented using a -tier approach, with a backend databa3 se, a middle tier of. Online shopping is widely used for shopping but has ‘worries about sending their financial details’ such as credit cards (Horrigan, J.

). There are number of scam and fraud websites that offer very attracting offers but websites like this can loot you.

In my thesis, I propose an Online Shopping System which is based on the G wireless communication technology, WAP (Wireless Application Protocol). Not only this Online Shopping System based on WAP is presented, by using software engineering theories and telecommunication theories.

Thesis Library Management System. Online Shopping System Project Report. Significance of the Study. The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution Documents Similar To Thesis Chapter 1. Review of Related Literature and Studies.

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Sep 16,  · Thesis for online shopping system September 16, / in Uncategorized / by. Remember that time for my 3rd year hs physics project, i wrote a 50 page research paper on physics of skateboarding lmao. intelligent design eye. The second hypothesis assumes the increased usage of broadband connection led to increase on online shopping because it created an easier and faster situation for usage of internet.

The third equation is a proof of second equation in the case of the relation with speed of internet and online shopping.

Thesis on online shopping system
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