Why is it justifiable to describe

He, too, is a consequentialist although some of his remarks concerning the innocence of many victims of terrorism might be more at home in nonconsequentialist ethics. Oxford University Press; see chapter 2.

No one ever mentions the millions of homeless victims, some still in Iraq and some scattered around Europe and other countries in the Middle East. The violence of the revolutionary years was justifiable on the grounds of political necessity.

If that many died, how many were severely injured? The world is a better place. When the absolute status of this right is challenged by invoking supreme emergency or moral disaster, Bauhn argues that there is a moral difference between what we are positively and directly causally responsible for, and what we are causally responsible for only indirectly, by failing to prevent other persons from intentionally bringing it about.

One might invoke some deontological considerations, such as justice or rights, in favor of resorting to terrorism under certain circumstances. Terrorism came to be associated with drastic abuse of power and related to the notion of tyranny as rule based on fear, a recurring theme in political philosophy.

Honderich, Ted,After the Terror, 2nd edn. When used by others, it conveyed a strong condemnation of the practice. The Examination Hall was used as a public building, as a theatre and a forum for the many guilds in the city, its function was to facilitate these gatherings whilst communicating through the design and creation of majestic structures the affluent society that was Georgian Dublin.

A Rule-consequentialist Theory of Morality, Oxford: The need for wealthy patrons and thriving governments to illustrate their success and status through the creation of majestic buildings lead directly to a reintroduction of the classical era.

At his trial, Henry explained: Likewise we had no problem with the millions of civilians murdered by the Japanese in places like China and later the Philippines until they attacked us on Dec 7, Examination Hall in The direct victims of terrorism are innocent in the sense of not being responsible, on any credible understanding of responsibility and liability, for the injustice or oppression the terrorists fight against—not responsible at all, or at least not responsible to the degree that makes them liable to be killed or maimed on that account.


With a little careful CIA planning and some help he could have been overthrown by his own Baath party. Another, more recent example, is provided by Osama Bin Laden. Bush was not only in full agreement with the neocons, but apparently was acting under the control of the daddy neocon, Dick Cheney.

Threats of any kind must be addressed with preservation of life and well-being in mind.

When is War Justifiable?

Even such a stringent moral rule as the prohibition of deliberate use of violence against innocent people may be overridden, if the disaster that cannot be prevented in any other way is grave enough.

Oxford University Press; see especially Chapter 5. Times, Sunday Times But this was the kind of afternoon when the punters had a justifiable claim to ask for their money back. The interior is stunning with decorative Damascus style stockroom, by Michael Stapleton.

If so, its military cannot be justified in waging war on enemy civilians in order to defend it. The portico and three central bays are made from Portland stone, a sign of the illustrious economic climate during the last half of the 18th century Portland stone was expensive and had to be imported from Dorset at some considerable cost.

Indeed, history may not offer a single example. It claims that all members of a social class—men and women, young and old, adults and children—are liable to be killed or maimed: In reply, terrorists can claim that they advisedly sacrifice valued human beings for a higher good.

By withholding our soldiers, we intentionally increased the killing, maiming and destroying. It is not clear how this residue of relativity could be removed Primoratz Perhaps the 50, Iraqi children you killed every year with your sanctions rest easy on your conscience.

The great problem of mankind! The Council on Foreign Relations is not doing the country any favors. Certainly more than American oil companies would pump if we owned those same fields.

They benefitted us in no material way whatsoever.That’s why justifiable war is a more useful concept. Justifiable wars undoubtedly include wars of necessity, that is, wars in which the most vital interests of a country are threatened and where there are no promising alternatives to using force.

Justifying Your Study. One way in which research differs from other forms of inquiry is that you need to justify virtually everything that you do. Your critics can challenge the validity or relevance of your findings if they believe there was something non-typical about the people you selected for study, something biased in the way you selected.

If some types of terrorism are justifiable under certain circumstances, such circumstances will be extremely rare. Terrorists and their apologists do not perform the requisite calculations properly. One problem is the “higher good” to be promoted by terrorism: more often than not, it is defined in ideological terms, rather than derived from.

Justifiable definition is - capable of being justified: excusable. How to use justifiable in a sentence. capable of being justified: excusable See the full definition.

SINCE Menu. JOIN MWU Gain access to thousands of additional definitions and advanced search features—ad free! JOIN NOW. This made the Purchase of the Louisiana Territory completely justifiable, as well as the treaty over Oregon and Florida. The Constitution also states that Congress has the power to levy war and trade/exchange with other countries.

This would make the war and treaty with Mexico for Texas and California in the 's justifiable. Yes, if a lie preserves someone's feelings, or protects someone from harm, it is the right thing to do. It is morally acceptable to lie when a falsehood protects someone from physical or emotional harm.

Why is it justifiable to describe
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